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Hecks yeah June 22 True Blood Starts finally the season finally for the sixth season  was a weird ending like seriously what kind of ending was that. They jump six months to Sookie and Alcide dating I happy about that but I would have like to see why they hooked up. Eric being in the middle of a frozen mountain burning butt nake and to top it off vampire zombie apocalypse like heck is going on all I got to say they have alot of explaining to do for this season.


I for one don’t think Allison’s dead.

In the first photo we see Allison’s hand over her jacket covered in blood but in the second photo there clearly is no stab wound .
In the first photo we also see blood on her fingers but there is none in the second photo ?
Did she heal or was this just a mistake ?

Interesting theory it could be a possibility she didn’t die

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